Tanjin Tisha pairs up with Apurba for Eid play

12 July 2018
Tanjin Tisha pairs up with Apurba for Eid play

Entertainment Report :
On the occasion of coming Eid-ul-Azha to telecast in a satellite channel, SA Haque Alik has made a special play titled Tumi Aamar Hobey. In this play, popular actor Ziaul Faruk Apurba paired up with viewers’ choice popular actress of present time Tanjin Tisha. Shooting of the play was done in the city’s Uttara area on July 9 and 10 where Apurba and Tisha played the roles of Fuad and Shimana respectively.
 Director Alik himself wrote story of the play. While talking about the play he told this correspondent, “Love is universal matter. But it should keep in mind in relationship that everybody must prepare himself/herself for his/her partner and their family’s interests. This type of issue has been portrayed in the story of the play Tumi Aamar Hobey.”
Apurba said, “Earlier I worked under Alik Bhai’s direction. Though he himself wrote story of the play so he sincerely and cordially makes it. It is also happened in case of this play. I got few scopes to work with Tanjin Tisha. Now she has become more serious about acting. I believe if she continues such seriousness Tisha will become successful in acting in the long run.”
Tanjin Tisha shared her feelings by this way, “In last Eid, I got the opportunity to work with Apurba Bhaiya in a play titled Jibon. I got huge response for that play. I will be seen to act with Apurba Bhaiya in several numbers of works in Eid-ul-Azha. I have liked story of the play and Alik Bhaiya has made it nicely. I hope viewers will enjoy the play during Eid.”
In last Eid, Apurba’s acting in Shihab Shahin’s play Shesh Porjonto was appreciated to all. Therefore, his acting in Ashfaq Nipun’s Hoyto Tomar Kachhey Jabo was also attracted to the viewers. Tanjin Tisha got response from the viewers for acting in Mabrur Rashid Bannah’s Choshmai Lege Thaka Bhalobasha and Ei Shoshore Keu Nai.

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