Prashun Azad in new movie, Eid plays

19 July 2014 Entertainment Report
Prashun Azad in new movie, Eid plays

Besides acting in several Eid plays, Lux superstar Prashun Azad is also acting in a movie titled Swapnopoka, which is being directed by Masud Akhond. This director earlier made a movie titled Pita. But that movie was a loss project.  
Prashun informed that she is acting in the central role in movie Swapnopoka. Main story of the movie revolves with her role.
While asking her about the feelings working in the movie Prashun told this correspondent, “Shooting of only one song has been done in the movie Swapnopoka. I am enjoying acting in the movie. I will not tell that I am so much optimistic about the movie because it can be said after completing shooting of the movie. But I can say that story of the movie is really nice.”
Before this movie Prashun earlier acted in two movies - Ochena Hridoy and Shorbonasha Yaba.
Therefore, on the occasion of coming Eid-ul-Fitr, Prashun’s acted several plays will be aired in different satellite channels. Prashun acted Salauddin Lavlu’s Layek Chan The Great, Sajjad Sumon’s Se Hoyto Himdarir Prem, Tawquir Ahmed’s Swarnalata Upakkhyan, Mehedi Hasan Tinku’s Dur Porobashini, Bipu Paul’s Autograph, Mahfuz Ahmed’s Settle Marriage and Goutam Koiree’s Kagoj-er Camera will be aired during Eid festival.
Meanwhile, Prashun acted a television commercial (TVC) has appreciated to all the viewers.
“Works of Amitabh Reza are always accepted by the viewers. I have also received huge response to perform as model in a TVC of Parachute. The persons who know me well they want to cast me in their works. It is achievement, I think so.”
It may be mentioned that Animesh Aich directed a play titled Ekti Mrittyur Swapno was Prashun acted first play. Later her acted mentionable plays are: Chayanika Chowdhury’s Talkative, Sajjad Sumon’s Shohor-e Notun Balika, etc.        

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