Eid movie Honeymoon

19 July 2014 Entertainment Report
Eid movie Honeymoon

On the occasion of coming Eid-ul-Fitr, Jaaz Multimedia
produced a movie titled Honeymoon, which is scheduled
to be released from Eid day. Mahiya Mahi and Bappi
Chowdhury have performed as pair in the movie.
Before releasing the movie, directed by Safi Uddin Safi,
it has come to the discussion among the movie lovers and experts for the Internet. The movie is also stepped
forward due to the advancement of technology.
Therefore, commercial promotion of the movie is being
done by official pages of Mahi and Jaaz Multimedia.
While talking about Honeymoon its director Safi Uddin Safi told this correspondent, “From the very beginning
I have been saying that Honeymoon is mind-blowing
movie. To make the movie more lively and attractive, we have done everything in favour of the movie. I think
viewers will also enjoy Honeymoon.” Besides Mahi
and Bappi, Syed Hasan Imam and Ahmed Sharif have
also acted in two important roles in the movie.

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