Mithila-Partho’s Ayna Mohol-e Ayna

01 August 2014 Entertainment Report
Mithila-Partho’s Ayna Mohol-e Ayna

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr RTV will air a special play titled Ayna Mohol-e Ayna tonight at 9:20pm.
Directed by Redoan Roni the cast of the play includes Mithila, Partho Barua, Moutushi Biswas, among others.
In the story of the play it will be shown Ayna is a beautiful lady and also renders song well.
Noted singer Polok Chowdhury finds her while taking part in a show in a mafussil area. Polok wants to give Ayna a breakthrough in the music industry.
Despite facing various problems from his wife Polok manages Ayna to stay at his residence. Once he gives her an opportunity to render song in a studio show. The show becomes hit.
When Ayna watches her performance on TV channel she invents herself with new look. She can’t believe where is she? Story of the play gets momentum and climax then.n

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