Chemical warehouses in Old Dhaka will be relocated to Kadamtali, Tongi

28 February 2019

In the aftermath of the devastating fire in Chawkbazar, the government has announced a temporary measure that will see the chemical warehouses in Old Dhaka be relocated to the capital's Kadamtali and Tongi, in an effort to prevent any further fatal accidents.
The decision came after a meeting between business leaders and government officials overseen by the industries ministries on Wednesday in light of the deadly fire in Chawkbazar's Churihatti which claimed 69 lives.
The chemical storages will be relocated to a six-acre land under Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation beside the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway and a 6.17-acre land owned by the BCIC in Kadamtali's Shyampur, said Md Abdul Halim, a secretary of the industries ministry, who presided over the meeting.
"We have decided to move the warehouses in Old Dhaka to those two locations for the time being."
The authorities are also seeking to remove the chemical warehouses near the Dhaka Match Factory in Narayganj's Fatulla, the secretary added.
The ministry will arrange another meeting with chemical businessmen to finalise a decision on this matter, informed Abdul Halim.
"We will acquire the necessary space for the relocation."
Referring to the possibility of constructing two installations spanning 400,000 square-feet in Tongi and Kadamtali, the secretary said, "We will begin works in earnest. There are currently two warehouses near the match factories in Shyampur.
"We can relocate the chemical warehouses there after a few minor repairs to those two storage."

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