Afroza Banu in TVC after 25 years

14 August 2014 Entertainment Report
Afroza Banu in TVC after 25 years

When this correspondent asked Afroza Banu to know the time when she last performed as model in a television commercial (TVC) she became silent for a few minutes. Then she started to recall her
memories and replied, “It was 25 years ago. Twenty-five years ago,
I first and last performed as model in a TVC of a product of SMC.”
After a break of 25 yaers, this renowned actress has performed
in a TVC. She has performed as model in a TVC of SMC’s
a product recently. Sharaf Ahmed Jibon has given direction
of the TVC. In the TVC, promising actor Sayeed Babu also
performed in role of Afroza Banu’s son. Already the TVC
is being telecast in different satellite channels now.
While talking about the response of the TVC after broadcasting
in different satellite channels Afroza Banu told this correspondent,
“In fact, response is got from the general viewers. Now it is really very difficult for me to observe all the viewers’ opinions to know
about their responses in the TVC. But my co-actors and play
directors told me that the TVC became nice. The work became
so nice that they shared it to me. I have tried my level best
to express my role in the TVC."
However, Afroza Banu has started to act in Rahmatullah
Tuhin’s drama serial Kshonikaloy. She is acting in role
of Sporshia’s (Nadia) mother in the serial.
“Still now I like acting. For this reason, I am still acting in TV plays and serials. When the script doesn’t attract me I do not show any interest to act. I am always sincere about my works. When I will not enjoy acting I will quit it,” Afroza Banu said. Now Afroza Banu’s two drama serials - Daag, directed by Sabur Khan, and Bhul Sob-e Bhul, directed by Sheikh Runa - are being telecast on ATN Bangla now.  

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