Chawkbazar’s Iftar

24 May 2019
Chawkbazar’s Iftar

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
ith the beginning of Ramzan, Chawkbazar in Old Dhaka becomes even busier than usual. The market bustles with shoppers from all localities while traders display a variety of iftar items from afternoon.
The most popular delicacy in Chawkbazar is the Boro Baper Polay Khai, a mixture of chickpeas, brains, minced meat, potatoes, chira, egg, chicken, 13 spices and ghee and jilapi among others.
Other famous iftar items include giant beef and chicken roasts, Suti Kebab (marinated minced meat), Shahi Doi Bora (fried and spiced lentil balls dipped in yoghurt), mutton and chicken cutlet, Kima Roll (a roll of chopped meat), different types of Kebab, Kima Parata, Hilsha eggs, Borhani, roasts of pigeon and koyel, bundia, and different kinds of sweetmeats.
However, the aspect of hygiene in these iftar items is a big concern for the consumers.
Although the sellers claimed that they maintain proper hygiene in preparing the food items, the doubt remains.
Therefore, various types of seasonal fruits and local drinks are also being sold at the Chawkbazar market.  
In fact, to dwellers in the old part of Dhaka, it is part of their family tradition to buy every day at least a few Iftar items from this market.
Before the maghrib prayers, all the roads of Chawkbazar become crowded by the Iftar-sellers.  During the month of Ramzan all the roads in front of Chawkbazar Shahi Mosque are occupied by the Iftar stalls.  
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