Raid on NGO in C' Bazar

Over 2,000 billhooks, knives for Rohingya seized

06 September 2019

The authorities in Cox's Bazar have seized over 2,000 sharp tools like billhook and knife stashed in the offices of a non-government organisation for distribution among the Rohingya refugees.
Ukhia Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Fakhrul Islam said they had seized the materials as the officials of the NGO, Society for Health Extension and Development or SHED, could not explain why those were kept in their offices.
The authorities raided the SHED offices in Malbhita area on Thursday
on intelligence, he said.
The seized materials include 1,700 billhooks, 400 knives, 1,100 hammers, 1,200 handsaws, 1,200 pliers, 2,200 shovels and rope.
The officials of the NGO said they stashed these for distribution among the Rohingya with funds from International Organization for Migration, according to Fakhrul.
The seized tools are with the Upazila administration.
The NGO officials have been asked to provide papers authorising distribution of the tools among the Rohingya, AC (Land) Fakhrul said.
"Otherwise," he added, "They will face action."

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