ASP Badrul Alam suspended on corruption charges

08 September 2019

The home ministry has suspended an imprisoned assistant superintendent of police of Gazipur highway circle on corruption charges.
"SM Badrul Alam was suspended from the public service from July 17 as per the rules," said the ministry in an order on Thursday. On May 4, 2009, the Anti-Corruption Commission or ACC served a notice on Badrul asking him to submit his wealth statements when he was officer-in-charge of Jashore's Jhikargachha Police Station.
Assistant Director of ACC Faridpur District Office Abul Hosen started a case against Badrul on Sep 8 of the same year after he failed to do so.
Following the case, Badrul secured interim bail from the High Court. On June 16, 2014, the court issued a rule and adjourned the proceedings until the rule was settled.
After the hearing, the High Court dismissed the rule clearing the way for the trial on July 26, 2016.
On July 17, Badrul filed a petition seeking a bail order from a Faridpur court. But the judge sent him to jail rejecting the bail appeal. The police officer has been in the jail since then.
Badrul has been attached to the Police Headquarters during the suspension and will receive a per diem allowance as per the rules, according to the ministry's order.

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