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Imam Husain against oppression and injustice

10 September 2019
Imam Husain against oppression and injustice

Mahdi Mahmud :
The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Pbuh&hf) said,"Husain is from me, and I am from Husain." The corollary of the exegesis of 'Prophet is from Husain' is : Prophet (Pbuh&hf) is the 'Rahmatullil 'Alameen'-the global epitome of the Rahmah of Allah. It was  Imam Husain, who bears the same trait and legacy. So, his sacrifice in the revolution of Karbala is the sign of total Rahmat for the entire humanity, not merely for the Muslims or any certain group, sect or nation.
If we watch through the events of Karbala we can see that Imam Husain (Ra) purposefully and successfully planned a versatile and global revolution.
The companions of Imam Husain were Muslims, Christians, slaves, masters, elites, black, white, red, youth, elders, women and children-the followers of Ali (Ra).  The followers of Usman (Ra) were Arab, Turks and Iranians.
Hurr bin Yazidar Riyahi was one of the Commanders of Yazid. But in the day of Ashura he repented and became one of the supporters of Husain and was martyred as the first one from the Imami front. One of the slaves died in the battle of Karbala, who was Christian. His name was John. When Imam Husain insisted on him to flee away, he replied, "It will be a disgrace that I was served and assisted by you for this long, and now in your bad days I go away!" Wahab ibn Abdullah al Kalbi was a newly married 17 years old Christian youth. He said to his affectionate mother (both of whom also died in Karbala), "'In my opinion Husain is on the just path and it would be cowardly and against all traditions of Arab chivalry and gallantry to leave the side of a man so isolated and surrounded by blood-thirsty enemies.'" We know that during the days of bloodshed the Muslims were divided into Alid and Usmanid-the then Shia and Sunni. One of the elite and respected Usmanid was Zuhair bin Kain.He came in the front of Husain in the Karbala and fought valiantly for Al-Husain ignoring all the minor disagreements in front of the question of justice against oppression.
In todays world Muslim women are searching for a revolutionary role model.  In this background who can be better than Zainab, the sister of Husain? If Husain was one wing of Karbala movement, then Zainab was the other wing. Both of these two wings uplifted the spirit of Karbala. Zainab's husband was ill. She had to go the long way with her two young minor kids to Karbala. In Karbala she sacrificed her two sons in the way of Allah. She supported Husain and his companions till their last blood drops. She conveyed the detailed story of Karbala to the next generations, not the last thing she did were her fierce speeches in front of Obaidullah bin Ziyad  in Kufa and Yazid in Syria and her speeches to the peoples of Kufa and Shaam (Syria) stirred the throne of Bani Umaiyya. And Yazid could not but reply, "Indeed, she is the daughter of a poet (Ali ibn Abi Talib) and she is like her father."
Imam Husain's movement was for the world-for all religion and race. The motto of that was 'Enjoin the good and forbid the evil' which is not exclusive to Muslims.
He said, "Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil" means summoning people to Islam, as well as resistance against injustice, opposing and struggling against oppressors, and endeavoring to ensure that public wealth and income derived from war are distributed in accordance with the just laws of Islam, and that taxes are collected, levied and expended in due and proper form."
Imam stood for the oppressed against the elites, the bourgeoisie of that time, the oppressors, the monarchy. We could see from the history that, before the revolution of Imam Husain the Sunnah of the Prophet was being changed. The Ahl-e-Bayt of Sayedul Mursalin and Khatimun Nabiyin Hazrat Muhammad (Pbuh&hf) was cursed and abused from the pulpit in the khutbas as the newly invented Sunnahs, the baitulma'al was distributed to the family of the so-called Khaliph, the baitulmal was divided as Khas (exclusive for his family) and A'am (general), Islamic taxes (Zakat and Ziziya) wear used as bribe to manipulate the people against the Prophet and his Ahle-Bayt and to strengthen the monarchy. Companions of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh&hf) like Abu Dhar and Abu Darda were thrown to exile. Burair (Ra) was killed in the prison, Maisum bin Tammar was crucified. Huzr bin Adi was butchered. Mohammad bin Abi Baqr (Ra) was killed and burnt. Malik al Ashtar was poisoned to death. Abdullah ibn Mas'ud was abused. The governors of Ummayad  started massacring the people-those who stood up against the mischiefs of the monarch or the exploitation of the elites. That was the situation when Imam Husain stood up. And he said, "O you! If you don't believe in Allah, at least do not oppress." Can we not relate ourselves with the companions of Imam Husain and the situation of the world of that time to this?
We are divided among religions and sects. And the oppressors, the descendants of the Umayad monarch of our time are usurping our freedom and wealth, oppressing us and creating monarchy in the name of Islam. And there are states who support the Zionist entity to massacre the Muslims and oppress the helpless people all over the world.
And so, as the days go by, the Muslim Ummah and the oppressed from world religions are more and more relating themselves with Imam Husain and teachings of the most tragic Karbala. Today's Karbala is the proof of that. Every year even during the bombardment of ISIS millions of people from all over the humanity come to visit Karbala at the 40th day of the martyrdom of Imam Husain, which is now considered as the largest human gathering of the history by Guinness World Records. And it is one of the epitome of religious harmony and wonders that there is a group named Husaini Brahmin and a group named Husaini Shikhs in the subcontinent, who cry, beat their chest and bring out large processions during the days of Muharram in solidarity with the Muslims.
Imam Husain did not face death; rather it was death that faced him and being ornamented by him. The Great Imam is not for the 'followers' of a section of believers only, rather all the chained, oppressed and suppressed people throughout the world are his followers.
"Let humanity be awaken and every tribe will claim Husain as their own."-Josh Malihabadi

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