Tarique says Mujib's family a curse

26 August 2014 bdnews24.com

Tarique Rahman has alleged Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman led a family of killers, stirring up fresh controversy after having made waves earlier by saying he was a failure.The BNP senior vice-chairman made a series of remarks at a seminar titled 'Strategies for Prosperous Bangladesh' at Queen Mary University of London on Sunday."They are more than a family of killers… they are a curse on Bangladesh."Tarique provided a self-styled narrative of historic events between Mujib's assassination in 1975 and the time when his father, former military ruler Ziaur Rahman, assumed state power.The eldest son to Ziaur Rahman and BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, accused in several criminal cases at home, has been living in the UK since 2008.Tarique told the programme that soldiers and people of Bangladesh came together to 'hand over' state power to Zia on Nov 7, 1975 because of the Awami League's failure."Awami League failed that day, just like they failed to lead the people (in) 1971. They never succeeded in doing anything good for the people. They've always fought for their own gains.""Sheikh Mujib beat Pakistan-era Deputy Speaker Shahid Ali to death with a chair," Tarique alleged, saying he read the account in a book by Abul Monsur Ahmed. But the incident Tarique cited did not find mention in the writing of politician Ahmed, who was also a writer and journalist and averse to Mujib.He said the first extrajudicial killing in Bangladesh's history took place with the murder of the revolutionary leader, Siraj Sikder, on Jan 2, 1975.He went on to accuse Sheikh Hasina, saying she was responsible for the Peelkhana mutiny in 2009 and the 'indiscriminate killing of nearly 3,000' Hifazat-e Islam supporters during the eviction drive at Motijheel in May, 2013.Prime Minister Hasina, while paying respects to the victims of a 2004 grenade attack on an Awami League rally that she had narrowly survived, said on Aug 21 the attempt on her life was an extension of her father's assassination."The Bengali people must be saved from this killer family. They'll get no space to live on this land," she said.Tarique is accused in the cases over the gruesome attack besides former junior home minister Lutfozzaman Babar and Jamaat-e-Islami leader Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid.He said the attack was staged by none other than Hasina."She is responsible for the killings on Aug 21. She knew that the attack would take place in that area."Otherwise, why did she move the rally to Bangabandhu Avenue from Muktangon just one and a half hours before the rally was set to start?" said Tarique.He shot back at Awami League President Hasina for her recent comments."She recently called Khandaker ( Moshtaque Ahmed) a disgrace in connection with the Aug 15th assassination," said Tarique.He claimed present ministers Hasanul Haq Inu and Rashed Khan Menon, as well as Col Abu Taher, were present when Moshtaque was being sworn in as president after Mujib's killing.Hasina had said Ziaur Rahman was 'unquestionably involved' in Bangabandhu's murder as his self-proclaimed killers, Syed Faruk Rahman and Khandker Abdur Rashid, had admitted to having his support in an interview to the BBC."Moshtaque killed Bangabandhu, he made Zia the army chief. That means Zia was party to the killing."She also said Zia would have faced murder charges had he been alive.But Tarique claimed the Awami League leaders were 'spreading lies' to cover up 'their own failures in 1975'.

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