Role of A Teacher

English education at primary level

01 December 2019
Role of A Teacher

Zumruda Rahman :
English Language teaching is based on four basic skills, Listening. Speaking reading and writing. It is very much important to teach properly with the following four skills. In the situation of our Country, English is not our first language. It is our second language. Here all the children used to hear Bangla by born from their family. So English is very much new to them. In the school, they first introduce this language. So teachers should very careful to teaching English in primary level teachersshould first help the learners to listen and speak and then moves to read and write. So, it is most important to teach oral language in the lower primary classes and then later in upper primary, we can bring to teach the written language.
Listening in the first skill of teaching English. If  students listen English in proper sound and pronunciation they can learn very easily. If students listen a lot of English, they will able  to pick up more words and phrases. Some children learn better when they hear information rather them seeing it. Children in Bangladesh not get many opportunities to listen English outside their classroom. So teacher should teach and tell in English in Classroom properly and correct way.     
Reading is the second skill of teaching English. After listening properly they try to read and speak  English. It is motivating for children to learn words or phrases in English. So, children need to practice speaking English if they we going to learn to speak it. If  students have lots of opportunities to speak English in the classrooms they will develop confidence in speaking English. So teachers must speak English with them all the time in classes. Speaking is essential to help students to learn English properly.
The next skill is reading skill. Teaching reading means to help student comprehend the reading text. The teacher first read the text properly and then help the students to read the text. In developing reading skills, pronunciation is very important factor.
The teachers should care of their students to read the text with correct pronunciation.
The last skill is writing. It is the most important skill of teaching English. In Primary level, there are three types of writing; (i) controlled   (ii) guided and (iii) free writing. In control writing, the language is controlled by the teacher. The students have no choice in controlled writing. In guided writing there are a little choice of students here. In free writing the students not get any vocabulary support from their teachers. They write their own.
So teachers should teach the students by using proper techniques and methods. Then in Bangladesh, our students will learn English very nicely. And hope our primary student will get improve English day by day.
(Zumruda Rahman is Head Teacher, Gopalpur Govt. Primary School, Rajshahi).

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