Avoid wheat during breakfast

07 February 2014
Avoid wheat during breakfast

Life Desk :
Wheat should be avoided at all costs at breakfast as it converts quickly into sugar and fat according to nutritionist Ilona Wesle, co-founder of MyDetoxDiet.com, who suggests that people should try to consume healthier food to begin their day.
Here are a few tasty ideas which will satiate your tummy as well as taste buds:
Bircher muesli: Take rolled oats with sliced apple and pear (or whatever fruit, nuts and raisins take your fancy). Then soak it all in some agave syrup or apple juice overnight in a bowl. Eat with soya yoghurt the next morning. Delicious as a snack any time of day, and full of good fibre and protein.
Eggs: You can choose to get some proper protein with a boiled egg and toasted rye bread soldiers; scrambled eggs with a bit of spinach and cayenne pepper; or a poached egg on smoked salmon. It makes for great brain food for the day ahead, and it is easy to make.
Yoghurt: Just get your hands on a simple probiotic yogurt with nuts and berries. Try it with goji berries and flaxseed. Soak the flaxseeds in water overnight - the combination with probiotic yogurt is great for soothing tummy troubles. This can also make a healthy pudding that you can have after lunch.
Green juice: Grab a cold pressed green juice before heading out of home. Oxygenating and full of chlorophyll, pressed juices retain the goodness of their ingredients by savouring the nectar straight from the pulp. Pressing - rather than chopping or blending - doesn't degrade the fruit or vegetable and avoids over heating it and zapping away minerals. Try courgette, broccoli, lemon, apple and fennel for a zesty morning kick.

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