Floral eyeliner is taking over Insta

06 March 2020
Floral eyeliner is taking over Insta

Weekend Plus Desk :
It just takes one streak of an eyeliner to transform a face. It’s no wonder that fans of this make-up accessory continue to explore it, triggering off trends like the winged eyeliner, glitter-liner and the cat-eye. The latest addition has fashionistas going with blooms on the eyes. That’s right.
The floral eyeliner is grabbing the limelight on Instagram.
It has make-up divas and beauty influencers drawing tiny flowers on the lash lines of their eyelids using coloured liquid eyeliners.
How to dress up the eyes with flowers
The look is pretty and can be created sans too much fuss. First, use a primer or foundation on the eyes. All you need to do is create the flowers by making dots and little smudges for the petals. Go with hues like violet, peach and pink, which are perfect to welcome the warm season. Use white eyeliner for the centre of each flower and create leaves with green eyeliner. You can also include a touch of prettiness to it by using a green shimmer liner at the baseline. Add a touch of mascara and you’re set!
Other ‘Eye-Catching’ looks that became big get cosmic
The high shine, starry-eyed look is also popular on a night out. You can achieve the galaxy look by using a clear lip gloss on the eyelids for shine. Use a dark blue or purple sparkly shadow on the eyes. Place some stick-on stars on the lids.
Colour ‘Em Neon’
Last year’s attentiongrabber, neon make-up continues to be big this year as well. Go with vibrant pops of colour like highlighter yellow, fluorescent pink or electric orange. Best worn on a black outfit.
Glitter it up
Who doesn’t love a touch of shimmer? If the shades are right, it can be worn any time, day or night. Go with a smoky rose-gold eye or peach look in the day and stock more electric shades post sunset. Start with a neutral eyeshadow and then blend this in.
Heart eyes
 Why just wear your heart on your sleeves, show it off on your eyes, à la ‘heart eye make-up.’ This involves putting stick-on sparkly hearts on the lids or drawing pink-and-red hearts near the outer edges of the eyebrow. We 'heart' this.
Rainbow eyes
Fashionistas have been creating some cool rainbow eye make-up looks. After setting the primer, begin with one shade on the lid. When you take up the next bright shade, blend only at the edges of the first hue and not overall. Finish with a black wingtip. Remember, this is technicolour already, so try and keep the lips and outfit simple.
Tortoise eye shell look
You’ve probably seen this one on the frames of glasses or on nails and shoes; it has now slipped onto the eyes, too. The tortoise shell looks amps up your style with its warm toffee tones and matches the hair as well.
Art meets makeup in this one. It’s about creating shapes and figures made of cubes on the eyes. Requires sharp contouring and a mix of the dark palette with another shade. Avoid wearing printed outfits with the look.
Use your imagination and skill to create the right geometry.

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