Safer ride for women with Uber

06 March 2020
Safer ride for women with Uber

A F M Asaduzzaman :
An equal world is an enabled world. Whenever men and women work side by side they create history. Our Independence is one of such examples. But still women aren’t treated equally, especially on public transports. According to the Road Safety Foundation, 83 per cent women face abuse, physical and mental harassment, from public transport staff on the streets.
The surveyed women reported not feeling safe when on the streets or when using public transportation.
Seats reserved for women on public transportations are often inaccessible because of limited numbers and unfair occupation by men. The way public transportations operate is not women-friendly with passengers forced to get off from moving buses and general overcrowding.
When women work, the economy grows. Fear or concern for safety can influence the women’s travel decisions; hampering their ability to work late, travel for work and in general grab economic opportunities. Especially in the case of women, there are distinct requirements that need to be met in terms of transportation design, security and comfort. This is where ridesharing can help bridge the gap with these needs and actual solutions.
Top three reasons why women love Uber
n On-demand transportation - Comfortable rides at the tap of a button, anytime, anywhere. Unlike public transportation ridesharing services on Uber do not have fixed operating times and are available 24 hours.
n Safety features -  Women can enjoy a safe and comfortable rides on Uber with layers of security built into the app. Safety features like ‘Share Status’ to 5 trusted contacts, live GPS tracking, verified partners, 24-hour in-app support and two-way feedback system are available on all ride options.
n Better alternatives to public transport - Ridesharing services have brought on a tremendous change in the way women travel. Uber has carsharing like Uber X, XL, Premier, Hire, Intercity, Pool as well as Moto for bikesharing that caters to different needs and pockets.
Safety features on Uber
n GPS tracked trips - During the trip riders can avail the benefit of real-time GPS tracking and share trip details through ‘Share Status.’
n Share Status - Share real-time GPS tracking of the trip and details like vehicle information, driver name and average rating with 5 trusted contacts, your family and friends, for safety and tracking.
n National Helpline 999 - The exclusive safety feature that connects to the government’s control room where ambulances, fire service, police and government agents can be reached in case of emergencies.
n VoIP phone call - Uber’s new VoIP feature allows riders and drivers to make free anonymous calls to each other through the Uber app. VoIP on Uber makes a voice call over an internet connection rather than a phone’s cellular service.
n Driver profiles - When you book a trip, the Uber app sends you details of the driver and the vehicle. These include vehicle make, colour and license plate number, as well as the driver’s name, rating and feedback from other riders.
n 24-hour in-app support - Whether you need to report an issue with a recent trip or just want some guidance on setting up and using your account, you can access help directly through your Uber app. Uber has invested in a 24/7 Incident Response Team (IRT) to respond to any incident that is reported to Uber. It also has a police liaison team that includes former law enforcement staff who work directly with the local police to assist in their investigations.
n Ratings and feedback - Uber’s Community Guidelines make it clear the kind of behavior desired from both riders and drivers. Its two-way rating system fosters mutual respect and good behaviour between riders and driver partners.
Uber authority provides their service over 700 cities worldwide. In Bangladesh, Uber is one of the most popular companies in ridesharing industry, currently serving the people of Dhaka, Chattogram, Sylhet and Cox’s Bazar with a wide range of products: Uber Moto, X, XL, Pool, Premier, Hire and Uber Intercity. Uber Bangladesh is also providing its riders and driver partners with different safety features including insurance coverage if there’s any mishap while ON TRIP.
How Uber works
n Download the Uber app for iOS or Android and create an Uber account.
Android users can download UBER app from following link:
IOS users can download UBER app from following link:
n Select from Uber X, XL, Premier, Moto, Hire and Intercity as per requirement in the app, enter the pickup location and payment method, and request a ride; receive driver details, Such as: name, photo and details of the motorbike.

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