Thai coup leaders ‘must end repression’: AI

12 September 2014 BBC Online

Thailand's military government has engaged in "widespread" human rights violations since the May coup, Amnesty International says.
In a report, the rights group cited arbitrary detentions, a clampdown on free speech, allegations of beatings and unfair trials as examples.
It called on the junta to "end this disturbing pattern of repression".
The military took power on 22 May after months of anti-government protests, saying it would return stability.
At least 27 people died during the six-month campaign by protesters to oust elected leader Yingluck Shinawatra.
The junta had described its measures as necessary and proportionate to the need to preserve security, Amnesty said.
But it said: "Security considerations cannot justify the large-scale and multi-dimensional human rights violations that have been perpetrated".
The report said 665 Thais had been ordered to report and/or detained and arrested by the authorities since the coup.

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