Top lifestyle choices for today’s women

13 March 2020

Weekend Plus Desk :
itness professional Nawaz Modi Singhania, who is dedicated to wellness, health and fitness, shares easy-to-follow tips and lifestyle choices for the women of today. Read on to find out more…

Stay more physically active
Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk around the block rather than drive. Carry your own bag rather than have someone else carry it for you. Even if you’re stuck back at work or at home with a young kid and are unable to step out and be more active, simply using a basic chair you can virtually work all muscles of the body. You’ll stay slimmer, fitter, and healthier and enjoy higher levels of energy.
Take up healthier hobbies and pastimes
Indulging in outdoorsy activities such as trekking, skating, dancing or skiing rather than more inactive ones such as watching a movie, reading a book or making lunch plans. You'll stay fitter, slimmer and healthier.
Meet up with old, trusted friends more often
It’s so important to let your hair down in a safe space and be able to talk freely without filters. This is critical for your emotional, mental and psychological well-being. And when you do, a glass of wine will additionally do your cardiac system some good.
Spend more time outdoors in nature
Get more fresh air in and allow nature's bounty to bestow it's infinite wellness upon you.
Exercise everyday as far as is possible
Cardio-respiratory exercise and muscle tone is very important. Exercise will help to keep body fat low, muscle tone high, keep the body flexible and supple, give you a youthful appearance, improve skin and hair, keep you healthy, improve the health of all organs and body functions, and improve energy levels, self-confidence and a whole lot more. Power Lunges make for great body weight and also cardiovascular training.
Watch your emotions and thoughts closely
No matter how many salads and fruits you eat, you will yet be unhealthy if you don’t keep what’s in your heart and head clean. Watch your emotions and thoughts more closely and consciously work at making them more positive. Your negative emotions and thoughts won’t harm your enemies - they will only harm you. Sometimes even fatally.
Get a full body workout
Body weight exercises that use your own body weight for resistance are great stop gap exercises for those days where you just weren’t able to get in other more time consuming forms is exercise, as with as little as five mins you can still get a full body workout in. Examples of such exercises are pushups, planks, squats, lunges and leg presses.
Focus on mental health and well-being
Depression is on the rise. If ignored or not immediately addressed and rectified, it can advance, and lead to addictions (eg alcohol, smoking) as a temporary escape route. This causes far more problems, often leading to psychosis of varying sorts. Delusions are another good escape mechanism that the depressed adopt as a crutch. This often leads to major psychological problems- bipolar, sociopathic, psychopathic behavioural patterns, schizophrenia, etc. This is unfortunately a progressive situation. Not only is the quality of life of the concerned person severely compromised, but also of all those around them and their relationships which become extremely strained. n

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