Private hospitals scrap festival allowances, reverse pay-cut plan

05 May 2020

The owners of private medical colleges and hospitals have cancelled festival allowances for teachers, doctors and other employees ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr, but reversed a plan to cut salaries.
MA Mubin Khan, the President of Bangladesh Private Medical College Association, confirmed the matter to on Monday.
The decision to withdraw the pay-cut plan was taken considering the humanitarian aspects, he said.
The BPMCA had previously announced a plan to pay 60 percent of the salaries of professors, associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers, due in April. It also said those who are absent among the college staff will receive 60 percent of their salaries.
The decisions were taken at an emergency meeting of the BPMCA executive committee on April 2. Letters were sent out to the chairmen and managing directors of private medical colleges and hospitals to inform them about the matter and take necessary actions.
"All medical colleges and hospitals in Bangladesh are facing a financial crisis due to the pandemic. So festival allowances will not be handed out to teachers, doctors and staff of medical colleges and hospitals that are members of the organisation," BPMCA President MA Mubin Khan and General Secretary Dr Enamur Rahman wrote in the letter.
Asked about the matter, Mubin Khan told "The decision has been taken after consulting with everyone to help private medical colleges survive this crisis."
There was no cooperation from banks, said Mubin. "We are seeking cooperation from all to let private medical colleges and hospitals survive."

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