Runa Laila getting response for her composed two songs

05 June 2020
Runa Laila getting response for her composed two songs

Entertainment Report :
At the end of last year, internationally renowned singer Runa Laila’s two songs were released in two separate YouTube channels. She lent her vocal for a song while noted Indian singer Asha Bhosle rendered another song. In last year November, Runa Laila composed her second song titled Ferate Parini under Dhruba Music Station. Runa herself lent her vocal for the video song. Kabir Bakul wrote lyrics of the song while Raja Kasheff composed it. Till now 2 lakh 36 thousands viewers viewed the song. Niloy Alamgir and Sallha Khanam Nadia performed as model in the song.
Therefore, in last December, under Kabir Bakul’s lyrics and Asha Bhosle rendered another song titled Chole Jawa Dhewgulo Ar Fire Asheni was released on YouTube channel. Raja Kasheff also arranged its music which was viewed by 2 lakh 34 thousands viewers. Popular face of the small screen Orsha performed as model in the song.
Overall, Runa Laila is getting positive response for her composed songs. She said, “I am getting positive response for my composed two songs. Music-lovers liked these songs. I have liked lyrics of these songs. I am really impressed in this regard. During lockdown I have also composed several numbers of songs. But I am not interested to say about these right now.”     

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