We have to know what we are and who we are to suffer wrongs without shame

10 June 2020

Editorial Desk :
The time is so hard and so cruel in an atmosphere for which the corrupt and incompetent ones are wholly unprepared and so the government should be ready to tolerate some bitter truths. Not that such truths will come to any use to the government.
Nobody alone is to be blamed but right leadership by one person could have meant a lot. Not that we did not have some well meaning honest leaders who tried to put things on the track of democratic government.
But the revolutionary politics which was so easy for collective corruption without accountability made it easy for anybody    to earn praise of the corrupt ones and power abandoning the people in the cold. The running of government meant police power and unchecked corruption.
What human trafficker Shahidul Islam has done and for which he was caught in Kuwait was expected of him. He has made huge money gained through criminal acts and he needed a respected title to make himself efficient as a criminal to become  richer.
With his power --- illegal money, not only himself but he also got his wife to be an MP through the election robbery. So in Kuwait and other Middle Eastern countries they passed themselves as MPs to show they are part of the       
establishment so there must others connected with his money making businesses with our men and women who are victims of trafficking.
But why should we call them MPs though they became so through robbery. If we are not shameful due to our votes being robbed there must be some mockery in our sense of shame.
We have right to say that we should be ashamed of Shahidul Islam when Shahidul Islams are respected as VIPs among us. We should be disowning them as national thieves for then we shall have nothing to be shameful about MPs who became such  through vote stealing. But   we are not even doing that.
Instead we should ask ourselves what are we and who are to know our own value system.
The question who are we must be asked to examine whether we have respect for honesty. Whether we know who are to be respected and who are not. That is the question of our inner value system.
We respect those who for their wrong doings are holding high positions   of power and respect .We are to be known by values we hold high before    condemning the weak ones.
Do we not know, there is hardly anyone in high position who has not amassed money in the millions. Even an Elephant Road eye doctor stole a few thousand dollars and his family is now well established in America. Political connection means the power to steal and commit other crimes.
It's is bad luck that he  is living in Kuwait and  bribing highly placed people there but it was not helpful to make him remain above the  law there. He is facing criminal charges and interrogation by police. Many in Bangladesh are worried if the names of his associates are named by him. That may not be news in Bangladesh.
Our wise men are so timid that they merrily remain wisely silent. So what is important for us is to search our minds and find our value system. Should we respect people for their crimes in high positions?
Is it not correct that our public servants do not have the dignity to be in the service of the people? They are collectively happy to be government servants.
The fact is that the whole administration has been corrupted and now we don't have a functional government. Thousands of people will die of the pandemic without hospitalisation. The power of corruption has made many of us heartless and inhuman.
Many doctors and nurses gave their lives knowing their lives were unsafe. They were not provided with protective gear. There are doctors who are so inhuman that they are exploiting their patients with hefty bills knowing many people are jobless and cannot pay. They should be hard on the thieves who steal public money but many of them are showered with special care and high respect because they are VIP thieves.

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