Experts say tap water doesn't spread coronavirus

01 July 2020 ONLINE DESK
Experts say tap water doesn't spread coronavirus

The novel strand of the coronavirus that has morphed into a pandemic and thrown the whole world into disarray is not capable of being transmitted through water, experts have said.
While the pathogen can spread through airborne droplets, water has been ruled out as a carrier.
Dhaka WASA is also intent on ensuring that the contagion is not passed on through the water supply by putting greater emphasis on the water treatment process during the epidemic.
Germs other than the novel coronavirus may linger in water and pose dangers to human health, according to experts, who recommended only safe drinking water for consumption.
Scientists are gradually uncovering the many mysteries of the novel coronavirus, a new pathogen that has already infected more than 10 million people around the globe and left more than 500,000 dead.
The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA of the United States assured citizens that the water supplied to them is safe for consumption.
Coronavirus may persist for a while in the water used by an infected person but it does not pose a great threat to human health as the virus cannot survive for long outside a living body, experts said.
Although the research does not indicate that the coronavirus is activated in water for long periods, Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority nevertheless remains alert to the possibility of such transmissions as the COVID-19 epidemic rages on, according to its Managing Director Taqsem A Khan.


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