** We ask thieves to return the stolen public money as insisted by IMF ** Dhaka seeks oil from Riyadh on deferred payment ** Mango buds start appearing in many trees, in the middle of Poush and the beginning of Magh, has been a great surprise for many mango lovers. This photo was taken from Chattogram on Thursday. NN photo ** Voter turnout may be 15-25pc: CEC ** AL infighting in Narsingdi: 3 injured, 20 houses torched, attacked ** Ekushey Book Fair begins ** Cost goes up by Tk 1.61 lakh ** Half a million strike in UK's largest walkout in 12 years ** Flights to remain suspended for 5 hours every night in HSIA ** RAB rescues father hiding with Japanese daughter ** People don't need more government servants to make election cheating easier ** Bangladesh ranks 12th most corrupt country ** Power tariff hiked again ** DITF- 2023 ends with $39.48m export orders ** Children frolicking over a ride taking risks on Tuesday, as two dangerous high voltage transformers remain installed adjacent to a park of Old Dhaka’s Laxmi Bazar St. Gregory School. NN photo ** What action has been taken to prevent Dhaka's air pollution ** Blinken criticises settlements but stresses US support for Israel ** IMF approves $4.7 billion loan for Bangladesh ** Amar Ekushey Book Fair kicks off today ** We want to know how corruption is to be eliminated under a corrupt government ** Thousands of leaders and activists of BNP join the party's march programme towards Jurain from Jatrabari with banners, festoons, national flags and party flags in their hands on Monday. NN photo ** Foreign aids disbursement, commitment declined ** Awami League leaders and activists gather at a peaceful rally in front of party's central office at Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital on Monday which was arranged by Dhaka South City unit of Awami League. NN photo ** SSC, equivalent exams from April 30 ** HC issues rule on formulation of policy over handcuffing, shackling of accused **

Some new information about Corona pandemic

20 July 2020
Some new information about Corona pandemic

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Majed :
At present there is a terrible epidemic all over the world due to Covit-19 or Novel Coronavirus. The whole country is under house arrest due to corona. The number of corona cases in the world is more than 13323530 people. More than 5 lakh 6 thousand 726 people died. Learn some unknown facts Corona virus also has a good effect on the body of children. Very few symptoms are found in children. In this case, you have to wear a lot of problems. This is because as people get older, their immune system weakens and the virus spreads. However, if a person has a good immune system, he will recover on his own. So always be aware and take care of the children in the house. Corona is a Latin word, which means 'crown'. It is not named because it looks like a crown in a microscopic image. In fact, the coronavirus originated in the 1960's as a contagious disease virus in chickens. However, the presence of coronavirus has been noticed in the common cold cough in humans.
The seven coronaviruses found in the human body are Human Coronavirus 229E and Human Coronavirus OC 43, NL83, HQ One, SARS, Mars, and Naval, Coronavirus. The number of deaths is increasing by leaps and bounds every day. There is no end to what people know about this corona. Yet there is a lot of information that is unknown here. Recently, the deadly corona virus has created a huge panic around the world. And I want to take various steps to make life successful. The awakening of success is created in the life of a person through the hand of a dream and through honest deeds a person sees success or success in life. Health is your first step towards success in life. There is a proverb that 'health is the root of all happiness.' This new disease was initially called by various names, such as: 'China virus', 'Coronavirus', '2019 Encav', 'New virus', 'Mystery virus' etc. This week, the World Health Organization officially names the disease Covid-19, an acronym for 'Coronavirus Disease 2019'. Take a single homeopathic medicine. However, if the majority of people living in an area are infected with any other virus, including coronavirus, with the same set of symptoms, the single drug that will be chosen for infected people, but the central government of India has said that they have the appropriate drugs to deal with corona. Corona can be prevented in homeopathy, not vaccines or allopathic medicines.
The coronavirus can be prevented with homeopathic treatment, according to a tweet from the Indian Ministry of Ayurveda. Unani medicine has been reported to be extremely effective in treating the symptoms of coronary heart disease. A guideline was also issued for this. A list of do's and don'ts is published. It has also been said what medicine to take.
Corona virus is an infectious virus. Its infection causes fever, cough, and respiratory problems. If the condition is severe, pneumonia can occur, and the patient may even die from shortness of breath.
However, it is less common in people under the age of 18. Elderly patients who already have diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, etc. have a higher risk of death, while those who die have these diseases. Common symptoms of corona disease are  fever, cough and respiratory problems are the main symptoms. Symptoms usually start with a dry cough and fever, followed by respiratory problems. It usually takes an average of five days for the symptoms to manifest. The World Health Organization says the incubation period of the virus lasts up to 14 days. However, according to some researchers, it can last up to 24 days. When people show symptoms of the virus, more people are more likely to be infected. However, it is thought that the virus can infect healthy people even when they are not sick. The initial symptoms are similar to those of the common cold and flu, so it is normal to be hesitant to diagnose the disease. At the beginning of the year, 84 people died, mainly in many Asian countries. Analysis of the genetic code of the new virus showed that it was very similar to the SARS virus. Not worse than that, "said Mark Ulhaus, a professor at the University of Edinburgh.
? Revealing complex symptoms: -
Fever begins with a viral infection, followed by a dry cough. About a week later the shortness of breath began. Many patients have to be hospitalized for treatment. So far, the death rate from this disease is low (between 1% and 2%) - but this figure is not entirely credible. Some parts of Europe now have higher mortality rates. According to a World Health Organization survey of infected patients, 8% are severely ill - with a risk of lung failure, septic shock, paralysis and death. 14% have severe symptoms. They have major respiratory problems. Mild symptoms are present in 80% - some people have pneumonia symptoms besides fever and cough. Older people and those who have any kind of illness (asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure) are seriously ill. Men are more likely than women to die from the disease, according to data from China.
Suggestions to be safe from coronavirus: -
* Occasionally wash your hands with soap-water or sanitizer * Do not touch your face, eyes and nose without washing your hands.
* Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing * Do not mix with cold or flu * Cooking meat and eggs very well * Do not touch wild animals or domestic animals with bare hands * Mask is a great symbolic image for any news that spreads the virus. Or the face of a person wearing a mask, the use of masks is a popular way to prevent infection in many countries around the world. Especially in China, where the spread of the coronavirus has started, people always wear masks to cover their noses and faces to avoid air pollution. There are virus specialists, who are called virologists.
Homeopathy treatment of corovirus: -
As we know, coronavirus is a viral infection. Therefore, the conventional medical system is unable to provide a cure. They will try to control the matter by making full use of the methods of management, hygiene, quarantine etc. They have that ability and maybe that sincerity. But in order not to give them a cure, it is inevitable that they will have an underlying weakness. And it is normal for ordinary people to panic - needless to say, and homeopathy is not a disease but a treatment of the patient. Dengue has also been controlled through homeopathy. At present, corona virus can be controlled in the same way in homeopathy, especially at Central Police Hospital and Ramakrishna Temple, many patients with corona have been cured with homeopathic treatment, and in addition, Government Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital and 64 homeopathic colleges across Bangladesh, and all registered doctors. Corona is going through the treatment of the patient's symptoms, similar symptoms can come on the homeopathic medicine, Aconite Nap, Influenzinum, Arsenic Album, Belladonna, Bryonia, Gelsiumium, Drossera, Carbovez, and many more. So take the advice of an experienced doctor without using the medicine yourself.

(Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Majed, Co-Chairman Homeopathy Research and Training Center. Email: [email protected])

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