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22 July 2020

This Is Undoubtedly 'First-Degree Murder'

The gruesome murder of Fahim Saleh, the executive assistant of tech entrepreneur in his New York apartment shocked me to the core. Haspil, the murderer was an employee, the way he planned the killing is so devilish that one has to gasp with horror and disbelief.
Haspil has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Why second-degree, should not he be charged with first-degree murder?
I am filling deep anguish and horror, this unspeakable crime has made me extremely upset.

Nur Jahan

Fraud In Online Shopping

Like other countries, online shopping is becoming popular in Bangladesh day by day.  But by capitalizing this opportunity, a vicious circle has started cheating the customers. Many ordinary customers are falling prey to this scam in various ways by buying products with glamorous advertisements and lucrative offers in online. In particular, not delivering the desired product as per the demand and even if it does, the supply of low quality products is now happening all the time.
Therefore, we all need to be aware and vigilant in our online shopping.  The people or organizations who are deceiving people in online shopping should be identified with the help of information technology and exemplary punishment should be given according to the prevailing law of the country. Only then the confidence of the people will return to online shopping. Then we will be able to expand e-commerce and build a bona fide 'Digital Bangladesh'.

Emran Emon
Department of English
University of Chittagong

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