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Patients with heart disease in Corona treatment

28 July 2020

Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed :
The global corona epidemic is one of the most terrifying incidents increasing day by day. It is not possible to control in any way. The number of victims and deaths is increasing day by day in the country. Even then the awareness among the people is decreasing day by day. The rate of infection has become so high that in June alone, two-thirds of people died of corona. So far, about 6 percent of the total infections and about 75 percent of deaths have occurred in the last one month. And this image seems to be a sign of great danger for the days to come. Of these, people with heart disease are at risk. Dr. MA Majed, a prominent homeopathic researcher in Bangladesh and editor and publisher of Daily Health Information, said in his column that according to the World Health Organization, 16.9 million people die of heart attack alone every year. . On an average, 49,000 people die of heart disease every day alone. So far, 6,44,71 people have died in Corona. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. Just because we don't know these heart disease statistics in advance, there is no fear among us about heart disease. Because we don't know, we have unknowingly assumed that we will not have heart disease. Just like our low-income or ignorant people do not know the statistics of Corona, they have assumed that they will not be affected by Corona. That is why those who know and those who do not know are not equal. If people are not aware, it will spread. Those, including cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, lung infections and
Those who suffer from kidney disease or who have low immunity are certainly at higher risk. They need to be more careful than normal people. At the moment, heart patients are less likely to go to the hospital for fear of corona. By doing this, his body is getting worse. This is why heart disease is worse at this time of year than at any other time.One of the pathogens of the path is cancer, the other is heart disease or heart disease. But like other complex diseases, homeopathic medicine claims excellence in the treatment of heart disease. Different classes of people spread slanders about homeopathy out of vengeance for their business interests, one of the big propaganda being that homeopathic medicine works late. However, for many diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, migraine, heart disease, constipation, gastric, ulcer, people cannot be completely free from the disease for 50 years and after taking allopathic medicine, unfortunately no one says that allopathic medicine works late. One of the main reasons for the market for the common misconceptions about homeopathy is the lack of skilled homeopaths, the so-called shortage of skilled homeopaths, the treatment of heart disease by homeopathic scientists.
Heart disease refers to diseases related to the heart, blood vessels and veins, brain and kidneys. Hypertension and atherosclerosis are the leading causes of heart disease. The structural changes of the heart and arteries with age are also largely responsible for heart disease. Heart disease usually affects the elderly. Men are more likely to have heart attacks than women. It is possible to prevent heart disease to a large extent through the elimination of nutritious food, regular physical activity, tobacco products. Heart disease can be different. Such as congenital heart disease, coronary heart disease, heart failure, cardio-myopathy, hypertensive heart disease,Core pulmonary (right side of the heart becomes immobile and has difficulty breathing), cerebrovascular disease (diseases of the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain, such as stroke), peripheral artery disease, rheumatic heart disease (cardiac and valve damage due to rheumatism), cardiac arrhythmias.
Causes of heart disease: Many causes are responsible for heart disease. Such as- age, sex, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, family history, obesity, low physical activity, eating disorders, high blood pressure, high lipids, diabetes etc. The risk of heart disease can be greatly reduced by making some lifestyle changes, regular walking or physical activity, being a little conscious of food and preventing diseases like high blood pressure, high lipids, diabetes etc.      n At what age can heart disease occur? However, in general, older people are more at risk for this disease. In general, serum cholesterol levels also increase with age. About 62% of people over the age of 65 die of heart disease. Again, after the age of 55, the chances of having a stroke are doubleIncreases. Again, with age, the elasticity of the arteries is lost, resulting in coronary artery disease. ???? Who can it be? Men have a higher risk of heart disease than women who are able to reproduce. After the reproductive period, women and men are equally likely to have heart disease. If a woman has diabetes, she is more likely to have a heart attack than a man with diabetes. In middle-aged people, men are about 5 times more likely to have coronary heart disease than women. The cause of gender inequality in heart disease is mainly hormonal differences.
n Signs and symptoms of heart disease: - Chest, back, stomach, throat, pain in left arm, neck or jaw may feel pain and discomfort. Breathing will feel unbearable pain in the upper part of the stomach. Head may feel light.
What to do to prevent heart disease: - Heart disease can be of various types, such as congenital heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, hypertensive heart disease, heart disease due to low blood circulation in the heart, heart disease due to weak heart muscle, etc. Heart diseaseMany good results can be obtained by being careful in prevention. The following are the things to do to prevent congenital heart disease and other heart diseases: What to do to prevent congenital heart disease: -
MMR Injection should be given to the mother at least three months before the pregnancy. If the pregnant mother has high blood pressure or diabetes, she must be treated. If she has a habit of smoking and drinking, she must give it up. Prevention: - If a young boy or girl has a fever with sore throat, treating him / her with belladonna for a week will greatly reduce the risk of future heart disease. Again, the prevalence of this disease can be reduced through healthy living. Blood circulation in the heart can cause serious problems like heart attack. Preventing this problem requires some changes in diet and lifestyle. For example, you need to walk or exercise or do at least a certain amount of time every day. It is very effective in preventing heart disease. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, curry, pickled fruits. On the other hand, you should eat less salt and sugar. You should avoid high calorie rich foods. You should stop drinking, jorda, tobacco, smoking etc. The risk of heart disease remains high for up to 10 years after quitting smoking. Eating fast food, canned and dried foods should be reduced. Excessive amounts of tea, coffee and soft drinks should be avoided.Smoking, alcohol or any kind of drugs should be avoided. Birth control pills and some medicines for women can be risky for heart disease. Fat should not be allowed to accumulate in the body. It is extremely risky for heart disease. Generally, the waist size of men should be less than 36 inches and women should be less than 32 inches. The higher the BMI of 25, the greater the risk of heart disease. The BMI has to be determined by dividing the weight by the kilogram and the height by the square meter. In the case of people over 40 years of age, a balanced diet is required. Animal fats should not be eaten, but vegetable oils such as soybean, sunflower, mustard oil, etc. should be eaten. Must eat marine fish. Almonds are good for heart disease. Almond herbal proteins, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, flavonoids, selenium and vitamin-E are very beneficial for heart disease. , Revenge tendency, violence, etc. should be avoided. If you have high blood pressure and diabetes, it should be kept under control. Blood pressure tests should be done at least once a week and diabetes should be checked once a month.
n Homoeopathic Remedy: -He is not a disease but a patient is treated by an experienced physician according to the homeopathic guidelines prescribed by Dr. Hahnemann.
Homeopathy: -
Experienced physicians select medicines for primary care such as Cratigas, Arum Metallic Cam, Adonis Vanalis, Arjuna, Arnica Montana, Glonin, Vanadium, Lakesis, Digitalis, Belladonna, Spazilia, Anthelmia, Nachatsum and many more. May come

(Dr. Muhammad Mahtab Hossain Mazed is Editor and publisher, Daily
Health Information).

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