Foreign Ministry should try to know the real reason

15 September 2020

MYANMAR has deployed troops in a few points near her border with Bangladesh without any provocation as claimed our government. The Bangladesh authorities observed suspicious movement of Myanmar troops aboard trawlers along the international border since Sunday morning, report local dailies.
The army activities should be organised by our army along the border for forcing on us illegally their more than a crore of Muslims taking us as weak. We do not see any justification for the Myanmar's military exercise considering Bangladesh a threat.
Recently, two Myanmar soldiers confessed to killing and violation of human rights against the Rohingya, at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. They are the same two individuals who presumably appeared at a border post in Bangladesh, requested protection and confessed to mass murder and rape of Rohingya civilians during the 2017 clearance operations in Rakhine State, as stated  by Payam Akhavan, International Legal Counsel for Bangladesh and a former UN prosecutor.
 Myanmar committed genocide on the Rohingyas and strong international reaction is to be expected. That cannot be the reason for military exercise directing at Bangladesh. Our government has demonstrated its unwillingness to go for military solution of the serious crisis Myanmar created for us. It makes no sense that Myanmar is getting ready for a war.
Our Foreign Ministry has sent a futile letter of protest. The Foreign Ministry should try to find out the real reason behind the military exercise. Surely, Myanmar is not planning to invading Bangladesh. So the Foreign Ministry people can sleep in peace and dream about the success of bilateral diplomacy in resolving the Rohingya crisis.

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