Govt moves to relax age eligibility for jobs in pandemic

16 September 2020

The government will allow those who turned 30 on Mar 25 amid the coronavirus shutdown to apply for government jobs.
Government job seekers will be provided with the opportunity, State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain told reporters on Tuesday, citing a directive from the prime minister.
The Ministry of Public Administration sent a proposal to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with a request to consider the age issue of job seekers. Hasina has approved the proposal sent by the ministry, said an official.
The ministry will determine the deadline for the people who turned 30 on Mar 25 to apply for government jobs, he said.
The Public Service Commission did not publish any job advertisement during the 66-day coronavirus shutdown.
The commission, however, published few advertisements for non-cadre jobs after the lockdown was lifted on May 30. The age limit for the applicants mentioned in those advertisements was 30 years on Jun 1.

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