RAB, Police differ in investigation of attack on Ghoraghat UNO

18 September 2020

A DINAJPUR court has recorded confessions of three witnesses under Section-164 in connection with a case filed over the attack on Ghoraghat Upazila Nirbahi Officer. The authorities, however, expressed their inability to share any further details of the confessions with journalists. The Deputy Commissioner of Dinajpur also remained tight lipped over the issue.
Such secretive attitudes of the authorities have been noticed ever since the arrest of Rabiul Islam, 30, suspended staffer of Ghoraghat Upazila Parishad. According to sources, Rabiul was a staff of Nejarat Department of Dinajpur DC office. Ashraful Islam, acting Nejarat of Dinajpur DC office, said Rabiul was sacked a long ago. He also denied to give any further detail. Rabiul, however, visited the DC office on Wednesday and Thursday, as per reports.
The case was handed over to the DB in Dinajpur a day after RAB said Asadul Haq, Nabirul Islam and Santu Biswas were involved in the attack on the UNO. After getting the charge, DB police took three persons, including Asadul Haq, a leader of ruling AL, in remand but sent them to jail without recording their statements.
At the heart of the matter is the issue of whether Asadul Huq, a leader of the ruling party, is involved in the incident. If so, as claimed by RAB, why is it so difficult for the authorities to state the same? The suspended gardener Rabiul's family have claimed that Rabiul was forced to confess that he had attacked the UNO --- despite the fact that the distance between his house and the UNO's office is 110 km. This is the problem of police remand for securing confession easily denied in court.
Which story is more believable concerning the attack -- that a gardener suspended a long time ago would have the immediate motive to attack the UNO, or that it was orchestrated by a member of the ruling party -- who are not known to be careful about using violence..You can't fool all the people all of the time is an adage the administration would be prone to remember.
The legal system has been broken to the extent that there will be trial but it will be for the right persons to be found guilty or there will be miscarriage of justice to punish the innocent ones that cannot be predicted. Because in most of the serious crimes, men of government party are seen to be involved.
So we are not tailing of justice we deserve but let the police reduce crimes and save lives.

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