BNP, AL men rally outside JFK

23 September 2014

The Awami League and BNP activists in New York have taken position outside the John F Kennedy Airport in New York ahead of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's arrival there.
The flight carrying the prime minister was due in New York at 8am local time but it has been delayed by about two hours.
Airport authorities said the plane would land there around 9:50am (around 8pm Bangladesh time).
Awami League and BNP activists took position about an hour beforehand with banners.
The AL men raised slogans welcoming Hasina and the BNP men are shouting for her to go away.
New York Police have kept the two groups 300 yards from each other.
The prime minister is heading to New York to attend the 69th General Assembly of the United Nations. She departed from Dhaka on Sunday night and made a stop at Dubai.

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