Is coronavirus second wave hitting Bangladesh?

Covid patients increased in ICUs: Infections on rise

07 November 2020

Reza Mahmud :
When infection of coronavirus increased constantly in the country, many persons are expressing fear saying if the second wave of the fatal disease has already attacked!
Data of the Directorate General of Health Services showed gradual mising of the daily coronavirus cases in the past five days.
The country recorded 1,842 more Covid-19 cases on Thursday which was the daily highest infection record in the past 57 days.
The data surfaced also that about 1,675 daily cases on average.
The average daily cases were between 1,300 and 1,500, in the previous six weeks.
The previous daily highest cases were recorded on September 10 with 1,892 only.
The Covid patients' number increased in ICU beds in Dhaka's hospitals in the recent days, the DGHS data showed.  
The rising trend comes at a time when the winter is knocking at the door and the Europe has already faced the second wave of Covid-19 attack.
Experts and the government have sounded their cautionary signal about the probable second wave of the coronavirus attack.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has asked the people to be aware of the second wave and to follow health safety rule strictly.
She emphasised on 'no mask, no service' in government offices.
Prime Minister has asked the officials not to spend covid-19 fund with relax mood as the second wave may brass in winter summoning more fund.
When contacted, Professor Dr. Nazrul Islam, former Vice-Chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University told The New Nation on Friday, "The increasing
 trend of recent days is but fear of second wave of the fatal virus attack. People of the country are found relaxed in maintaining health safety. Obeying health safety measures like wearing mask, washing hands with soap and maintaining social distances are the key to prevent the Covid-19."
He however, said that the second wave of the Covid-19 attack has not taken place yet as the infection rate has been remaining between 10 to 12 percents for long.
Professor Nazrul Islam, Member of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19, said, On May 31, the infection rate hiked to 20 percent.
After the date, he said, the country witnessed 20 to 22 percent infection rate till August 20.
Then the rate decreased to 10 to 12 percent and remaining such till now, the Professor said.
About increasing patients in the ICU beds in the hospitals, Professor Nazrul Islam said, old ages and critical patients who suffer from many other major disease need ICU.
When Contacted, Professor Dr. Muzaherul Huq, former Advisor of World Health Organisation (WHO), told The New Nation on Friday, "There is no doubt that the infection is increasing. Government is saying that they have a preparation to face the possible second wave of Covid-19 attack. We suggested them to strengthening health services facilities ensuring Central Oxygen Supply System in every Upazila hospital, and establishing ICU, ventilators, nasal cannula, oxygen masks in every district level hospitals."
He suggested and public awareness campaign on health safety rules and the government to be strict against people's disobedience.
"Government has to take stern action against him who ignores the safety rules in a bid to protect people from the fatal disease," Professor Muzaherul Huq said.

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