Misery in Yemen: Rich Muslim countries must help poor Muslims

14 November 2020

While one of the Earth's oldest inhabited areas, Yemen is the poorest of all Arab nations.  Despite the fact, the country's armed conflict has resulted in killing of more than 17,500 civilians and injuring of thousands other since 2015, and quarter of them killed by air raids were women and children, according to the Yemen data project.  
In addition, more than 20 million people are experiencing food insecurity, 10 million of them are at risk of famine near to starvation. Besides, child nutrition requirement rates are among the world's highest, about half of all Yemeni children under five years old are stunted.
Meanwhile, an analysis by the UN agencies said Yemen is on the brink of catastrophic food crisis. Almost 100,000 children under the age of five are at risk of dying as the country slides back into a hunger crisis. If the war does not end now, we are nearing an irreversible situation and risk losing an entire generation of Yemen's young children.
Unfortunately, since March 2015, Saudi Arabia, the leader of the Muslim world, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have led a coalition of Arab states in Yemen against Houthi forces that, in alliance with former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, took over Yemen's capital, Sanaa. However, Saleh had been killed by the Houthi forces.
The coalition of Arab nations, made up mostly un-elected and despotic rulers, have stated their reasoning behind the assault on the Yemen, to defend the democratic right of the elected government, whose president is conveniently taking refuge in Riyadh.  
The big question is why the other Arab countries are silent about the Saudi-led coalition of Arab nations' bombing and killing civilian Muslims in Yemen - yet outraged when Israeli does the same in Gaza? Is it not a double standard?
For now, Yemen's economy, already fragile prior to the conflict, has been gravely affected. Hundreds of thousands of families no longer have a steady source of income, and many public servants have not received a regular salary in several years.
As Muslims we must speak out against any and every form of oppression, not when it is Muslims being killed but also the Muslims heritage sites are being destroyed. We should not ignore the crimes being committed against the poor people of Yemen by the Saudi-led Arab allies -- because they are themselves Muslims. International donor agencies, including the UN agencies, should come up more vigorously in aid of the Yemeni civilians.

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