Singer Julie Sharmelee

15 November 2020
Singer Julie Sharmelee

Julie Sharmelee is a promising singer. She is regularly performing in radio and TV channels and also giving her voice for new video songs. Recently she talked with The New Nation. Here is the interview:
NN: Welcome to The New Nation. Thank you for giving us your time today.  
Julie: Thank you for having me here. The unexpected outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything.
NN: How long has it been since you started your journey into music?
Julie: I started learning music when I was only five years old. Then I went to Chhayanaut. I also started learning classical, thumri and ghazal from Ustad Niaz Mohammed Chowdhury. I got enlisted in Radio, started playback and doing concerts.
NN: Tell me about your childhood.
Julie: I had to study hard. My parents were very strict in this regard. My mother late Sameena Siddique was a very famous journalist during that time. I did MSc in Botany and got 1st class. After study I concentrated myself into music.
NN: What did you want to do in your life?
Julie: I wanted to become a scientist. But my mother asked me to do only one. Then I chose music as my career.  
NN: Have you been recording on television and other platforms during this pandemic?
Julie: No, I didn’t do any work last six months. I was very conscious about my family. But recently I lent my voice for a new song and shoot a music video. I did many online live programmes abroad like USA, Italy, Canada and India. I performed in My TV’s live show titled Aamar Gaan on November 12. I also worked internationally with great Pakistani music composer Salman Ashraf.
NN: Do you have any message for your fans?
Julie: At first, I want to give thanks to you and The New Nation. I also request the audience to pray for me and to stay safe during this pandemic.

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