Flyovers' underneath should be redeemed from drug addicts

17 November 2020

MOST places of 28 kilometres long seven flyovers' underneath in the city have turned into addicts' sanctuary and waste bins. The sorry state of the streets constructed involving huge money also destroys the scenic beauty of city's land scope. Neighbourhoods of those flyovers are the anger of the reluctance of the City Authorities and female and elderly people, in particular, dared to pass the areas by foot at night. The authorities have constructed lucrative flyovers in exchange of destroying the usability of 28 km of roads and insecurity. Eventually, the flyovers add no roads in a general fashion but assembled concrete blocks, outage greeneries, and snatched the sky from pedestrians and city dwellers. We want to see the City Authorities turn the space income generating centre for low-income people, urban plantation, and café or anything soothes by involving urban planners.
City dwellers alleged that drug addicts gather every evening in some portions of the underneath. Besides, a section of people throws waste beneath those flyovers, which creates an unsafe ugly, and dirty environment there. Those waste spread intolerable stink.  In Sayedabad, Tikatuly and adjacent areas underneath the Mayor Hanif Flyover have been found gatherings of drug addicts. Of those drug addicts, street children occupy a big portion. Though fences have been installed underneath, the streets people tear those in some places and stay there. In Bangabazar area, horse cart owners are using the space as their stable, house and cart stores. Keeping materials like sacks of horse foods, drums, water pans, and other things they have created a dirty environment there.
In North Shahjahanpur under the Khilgaon flyover, furniture businessmen have established their makeshift shops. Developed countries like the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, and Malaysia use such space for entertainment parks, artificial fountains, water bodies, café, gymnasiums, schools, and libraries. As the city has very low common spaces like community gardens, walkways, etc the City Authorities can turn the space for productive uses.

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