Cold-related diseases spike

Children affected most

04 December 2020

Reza Mahmud :
With the advent of winter, the cold related diseases are increasing among the people especially the children and elderly ones getting affected in large number amid Covid-19 pandemic.
Most of the patients are suffering from Bronchitis, Flue, Pneumonia, Asthma, and respiratory problems.
Physicians from different areas of the capital city said that the cold-related patients are increasing since November in doctors' private chambers, hospitals and clinics.
Besides, selling of medicines of cold-related diseases are also increased in pharmacies across the capital, sources said.
In this situation, the patients, parents of children and even physicians are in dilemma for the diseases.
The physicians said they are simply anxious going for treating the cold related patients' as the symptoms are similar to Covid-19 patients.
"My seven month aged daughter catches cold. I have come to visit a nearby pediatric specialist doctor. But the doctor and her attendance have become panicked to touch my child in fear of corona. It is unacceptable behaviour from a doctor," said Nazma Ahmed, a housewife of Dhanmondi.
She said, "The doctor have to consider that if my children… may not almighty Allah do so, contaminated with Covid-19 then it is supposed to attack me first."
Similarly, cases are found in Hazaribagh, Farmgate and other areas in doctors, chambers and in most of the major hospitals in the city.
When contacted, Professor Dr. Muzaherul Huq, former Advisor to the World Health Organisation (WHO) told The New Nation, "It is not unnatural that the physicians become worried to examine patients with covid-19 sympotms.
Besides, the patients also deserve right to get medical treatment from doctors. In this circumstance, the only alternative is the doctors should give treatment seeing symptoms keeping themselves safe from the suspected covid patients. We all know that there are no treatment of covid-19 patients yet. Treatment of covid patients is now giving as per their symptoms. On the other hand the patients of covid like symptoms should go for coronavirus test as soon as possible."
Without a covid-19 tests, no one can be determined that he is free from the virus infection.
Before going for tests, everyone should follow the health safety rules including wearing facemask and maintaining social distance perfectly, the professor said.
Besides, if any one is identified with covid-19 positive by testing, he or she must have to go to quarantine.
Dr. Shamim Ahmed, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine Department of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University said, "The cold-related patients are rushing in chambers and hospitals but most of them are reluctant to go for covid tests as they feel it as social stigma and complexity."
He asked all to follow health safety rules and not to be hesitate to undergo covid-19 tests.

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