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15 January 2021

Preserving sanctity
of the Liberation
War sites

The sites of the Liberation War have been built as a perennial reminder of us and the next generations so that they realise the essence of our ethnic identity. These sites also uphold a ascension history of our nation to us in which process we became an independent and sovereign nation. But it is a matter of regret that we the people in general are not aware of how to respect to these sites by preserving the sanctity of them.
Except a few noticeable months, we the people naturally forget to protect its sanctity and essence of these glorious sites in the other months. As a result, the people from different kinds of organizations are seen to utilize these sites whimsically at their will. Most of the time, various professional and social organizations prefer these sites to make a rostrum for arranging their cultural, social and even electoral programs. Not only that, it is always witnessed that these sites are always covered with electoral posters, banners and various types of leaflets. For example, the school and college students in and around Shaheed Minar are always seen there gossipping and taking selfies with shoes on the altars. Such scenarios are very common and they are neglecting the matter of sanctity despite having the directions of the authority in this regard. But the authorities, who have been bestowed upon the duties to preserve the sanctity, seem that they are turning a blind eye to protect the sanctity of these sites. They must kept a watchful eye on the issue and they should introduce some disciplinary laws and rules so that a punitive action against the people can be taken following these laws.
Not only Shaheed Minar, the all Liberation War sites should be brought under surveillance so that its sanctity is not besmirched. I would like to remind the authorities concerned that these sites are not only merely a monument, we have our glorious past surrounding these sites as well. It is such a symbol of our glorious past in which we regenerate with the spirit of it everyday.

Abul Khaer
Govt Saadat College

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