Tech Board must fight irregularities

15 January 2021

The SSC Vocational exams in 2019 and 2020 under Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) have found truth in some allegations of frauds in admission and results. It is said that those involved in the wrong doings are helped by some senior officials of the Board. Two computer operators have recently been fired on the allegations of misconduct. The approval of four educational institutions has also been revoked for alleged irregularities. But serious efforts are lacking for overall improvement of the situation.
Mismanagement is everywhere in the country. But still we have to improve the conditions in educational institutions. All of us cannot stop trying.
There are allegations against various institutions for selling results by showing registration replacement of other students without admission and examination with the huge amount of money from the students. Some of the aggrieved students said that they participated in the HSC (BM) first-year examination held in 2019 and filled the form for the second year examination in 2020. Their names are also on the list of form fill up on the BTEB website, but the examinees did not get admission, nor did they get the first-year academic transcript.
A six-member committee has been formed to investigate the allegations. Without proper accountability no system works properly. We know how things are going from bad to worse. We have the reputation of being an incompetent corrupt nation. This is shame for competent educated people.

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