Shraddha becomes voice of voiceless yet again

22 January 2021
Shraddha becomes voice of voiceless yet again

Shraddha Kapoor being a wonderful actor and a wonderful person, she adds meaning to the word empathy every time she does something in support for the speechless and needy. Recently, the actress has raised her voice
to show support for the voiceless animals by asking
people to sign a petition to raise a fine for people
who harm the voiceless. Shraddha is an animal lover and
so it comes as no surprise that she wants the wrong doers to be punished. Currently they are being fined a mere 50 rupees, and this is not a punishment enough for such people as per Shraddha Kapoor and or any animal lover and hence the
petition. She shared the image with caption, “Increase the
punishment for animal cruelty. Only we can be the voice
for the voiceless. Please swipe up and sign the petition.”
Shraddha is known for such gestures.

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