Take measures to halt mosquito menace with no delay

22 January 2021

THE allegations of mosquito infestation by the city dwellers are on the rise in almost all areas of the capital Dhaka this winter. The two city corporations are trying to control mosquito breeding by spraying insecticides across the city area. However, all activities taken to control the mosquito menace become futile, resulting in spreading malaria, dengue fever and other mosquito-borne diseases. As we undergoing pandemic, social distance and health hygiene maintenance have grabbed extra attention of the authority. The government seems nonchalant to stop mosquito menace and the city corporations may not fully in control of mosquito breeding,  and therefore  dengue outbreak is still a threat during the picking season.
As both city corporations of Dhaka have failed to clean the water bodies in time, many areas have been riddled with severe mosquito problem since the arrival of winter. In the absence of clean-up initiative, water bodies have become mosquito breeding grounds. But two or three months back, the situation was fine due to action taken by City Corporation after the dengue outbreak. Now once again, the mosquito menace has turned acute. We urged the authority concern to take urgent steps to tackle the mosquito menace at the airport area for a good image of our country. Experts said breeding of Culex mosquito multiplied this time. Experts said that the number of Culex mosquitoes, which spread diseases like filaria and avian malaria, has gone out of control in Dhaka. The factors which are mainly to be blamed for the situation are lack of effective measures by the city corporations and the absence of proper logistics. The covered manholes also aggravate the problem. This is because sprays cannot reach the stagnant water beneath the covered manholes. This then becomes ideal breeding grounds for Culex.
From mid-February, the rise in temperature is leading to increase in organic matter in water bodies. This provides food as well as a conducive breeding environment to mosquitoes. In consequence, existing larvae will mature in the next fortnight. Unless larvicide is sprayed extensively, the situation then may turn serious. The trend in rising mosquito population will continue if city corporations do not start taking effective measures right now. This will invite a disaster for city dwellers. This is true for almost all cities in the country. 

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