We join the people of America in their celebration for prevailing democracy

22 January 2021 Editorial Desk

The speech of President-elect Joe Biden was one of tempered optimism. He didn't talk of happy days but he observed that we celebrate the triumph "not of a candidate but of a cause, the cause of democracy."
He said "We've learned again that democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. And at this hour, my friends, democracy has prevailed." Everything else fell naturally from this assertion, as Biden went straight to the violence that has recently shaken "the Capitol's very foundation." And sadly, this wasn't a metaphor!
Biden rightly challenged everyone, as John F. Kennedy did in 1961. "Over the centuries through storm and strife, in peace and in war, we've come so far," he said. "But we still have far to go" as we push forward through "this dark winter."
Biden didn't mince his words, naming the pandemic, the history of racial injustice, the environmental crisis, and the rise of political extremism and White supremacy as specific dire problems "that we must confront." He called for "unity, unity." The word permeates his speech.
Biden's inaugural speech was, in retrospect, a balancing act that succeeded admirably in speaking honestly about the multi-faceted crisis at hand while delivering a full measure of optimism. He wants to return to an  
America marked by "decency and dignity."
We never expected President Biden to change the world with a single address. But putting the right words in the right order matters. Biden has inspired everyone, inviting all Americans to set aside our differences as a nation, even as he rose to speak behind a bullet-proof barrier with 25,000 troops guarding him and his guests-a sad testament to where we've come as a nation in just a few short years.
There are lessons we could learn as a nation. In Bangladesh, democracy has no value. Ideals do not count, truth does not matter, and decency or tolerance of opposition has no place in Bangladesh politics. Cult worship and corruption are all that matters.
We don't understand the concept of the inalienable rights of every citizen to have free unfettered access to their ability to cast votes. Our institutions which are there to act as checks and balances in the use stare powers have been crippled. We do not have government of institutions, we do not have political leadership, and the bureaucrats have taken over the government in every sense of the term? So our crisis cannot be solved through a free election. Free election has been killed for making impossible a peaceful solution. India's influence in our politics is not favouring. So, in country democracy is not fragile, it is non-functional and dead. But the anger and frustration of the people at the failures of the government have reached the boiling point for explosion. Killing of democracy is not all our doing, our foreign friends who wielding great influence are not proving right for our people or democracy.
After the monstrous un-American rule of Trump the present President Biden has claimed his victory as the victory of the cause of democracy. He admitted the fragility of democracy but he at the same time expressed how precious democracy is and how important it is that it has prevailed in America despite Trump's vicious attempts to overturn the election result to make it possible for his kind of intolerant  government to continue in power defying  the people and the Constitution.
We also join the American people and Joe Biden's elected government in the celebration of successful in prevailing of their democracy. We further wish that the new administration will have an active role, like before, as a beacon of hope for the people's struggle for democracy and safety of human rights.
The new trend to buy public servants to work against the people and destroy democracy for authoritarianism has become easier than ever before. The fight for democracy has become a fight between people power and the power of bureaucratic unity.
Thus it has become more and more difficult for democracy to prevail in the rest of the world without international cooperation.

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