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24 January 2021

Alternative Source
Of Soft Water
We need a huge amount of groundwater every day and to this cause, so much groundwater abstraction is leading us to a new crisis. In Dhaka city, the water level is going down by 3 meters every year. Moreover, various types of installations are being constructed by filling the reservoirs in the urban areas.  Thus, due to the installation of concrete, rain water cannot reach the ground. Earlier it was seen that the rain water would go underground through the soil but now water cannot even reach the earth's crust. As a result, the groundwater level is constantly falling. And day by day there is a crisis of soft groundwater.
The most important thing is to find an alternative source of soft water to decrease our dependency on ground water. Rainwater is a very good source for soft water. Besides, this rainwater improves digestion, acts as an antioxidant in cancer patients, makes hair beautiful and acts as a bactericide. So we should pay more attention to the utilization of rain water. There are several ways to conserve rainwater. One of the notable ones is to connect a pipe to the roof of the house and store rain water in a reservoir.
Another advantage of using rainwater is that it greatly reduces the cost of pumping and thus electricity is saved. Rainwater is largely capable of meeting our soft water needs. When 1 inch of rain falls on a 1000 square feet roof, about 600 gallons of water accumulates. So in the current water crisis, we need to focus on making full use of rainwater.

A. R. Sultana
Patuakhali Science & Technology University

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