Here's how to choose the right face oil according to your skin type

13 February 2021
Here's how to choose the right face oil according to your skin type

The word "face oils" may bring pictures of oily, shiny skin that feels heavy, making you want to never add the product to your skincare regime. But, according to Amrita and Philip Alexander, founders of Auravedic, a skincare brand, "face oils are that one product that can actually treat your skin concerns while giving you a bright, glowing, and clear skin."

Below, they share a list of the best face oils as per your skin type

Oily and acne-prone skin

One of the most prominent reasons for breakouts is overactivity in the oil glands which leads to the production of excess sebum. "Tea tree and neem are a great combination of ingredients to help control the production of oil and eliminate bacterial infections from the root," says Alexendar.

Dry skin

It is easier to assume that any face oil will work for this skin type, but what really works effectively is oils with bigger molecules that form a barrier to protect it from getting inflamed such as avocado, pomegranate, and grape seed.

Normal skin

Although less dry, normal skin too can benefit from face oils to help maintain its texture and hydration. "Use oils like traditional kumkumadi or argan and almond oil that do not block pores, cause irritation or dry the skin," says Alexandar.

Mature skin

Since mature skin has more fine lines and age spots, Alexander suggests opting for a rich facial oil with anti-oxidants such as avocado and grape seed that help to make the skin soft and supple thus giving it a youthful radiance.

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