US should see that human rights are respected all over for peace and justice

16 February 2021 Editorial Desk
US should see that human rights are respected all over for peace and justice

Editorial Desk :

The new administration of US President Joe Biden has signalled it would continue to pressure Russia and China on human rights. This is consistent with the US role as the leader of the free world for nearly eighty years when it championed democracy and human rights all over the world since the close of World War II. But recently especially during former President Trump, the worst president America had, his America First policy made America inward looking and helped authoritarianism to expand. He was working in the interest of Russia and China to increase their influence for the benefit of anti-democracy dictators.

The leadership of America for the cause of human rights made America a great country and the world a better place for human rights.

President Biden is hopefully showing determination to give America's leadership to human rights and democracy. It is hypocrisy to expect respect for human rights in the absence of democracy.

America's reaction along with other powers to Myanmar military is hopeful and welcome. But Myanmar’s previous government also was military government. There was no democracy as they were using brutality against minority racial group. Over eleven lakh Rohingyas were forced to leave the country through genocide. So the free world should be interested in seeing people in other countries free to enjoy human rights.

Economic development cannot be just and fair unless the governments are democratically accountable. Authoritarianism has extended its silent oppressive machinery in many countries. Corruption in high places has become joint ventures for denying the people their rights. These governments thrive on corruption both within the country and outside. They can even buy international institutions for producing false data of development to conceal human tragedy. Millions are spent on international lobbyists.

So democracy is in fragile situation in most of the countries. With the anti-democracy countries violence and secret killings are the easiest ways. The autocrats spread violence all over the world. Influence of Russia and China means that government talks about economic development but not equitable development. The human beings are counted for their rights. The question is not relevant: For whose development if human beings are not counted as dignified beings?

This would call for sharpening the US focus on all countries where democratic values, rights and liberties of the people are violated at will. Apart from being bargains in trade and big-power rivalries between the US and Russia  as well as China, human rights and democracy should be championed as the most cherished ideals of human life everywhere. Otherwise violence will win and authoritarianism will triumph.

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