Democracy must be top priority in our relationship with USA

26 February 2021 Editorial Desk
Democracy must be top priority in our relationship with USA

Editorial Desk :

The US secretary of state Antony Blinken on Wednesday in a telephone conversation made an appeal to his Bangladeshi counterpart AK Abdul Momen in Washington DC to respect human rights and labour rights. The two leaders also discussed the need for a durable solution to the Rohingya refugee crisis, according to Ned Price, a US state department spokesperson.

They also discussed ways to deepen cooperation in economic, counterterrorism and defence areas and work together to address common challenges such as climate change, said the US official in a statement. The two ministers also expressed the desire for closer collaboration to address challenges in South Asia and the greater Indo-Pacific region.

Not to speak of playing a role in facing international challenges, Bangladesh is sitting over a volcano for failure to deal with internal challenges. There is chaos and disorder everywhere. Corrupt people have amassed properties in Canada and elsewhere for living in regal style.

After the departure of Trump, the people of Bangladesh have heartily welcomed new President Joe Biden for his determination to strengthen democracy as against authoritarianism. Strengthening democracy is strengthening the people. Bangladesh has become a hub of corruption in high places which is being exposed internationally also. No relationship can be in the interest of Bangladesh unless it is in the interest of the people.

Protecting human rights of Rohingya is undoubtedly important but first our own human rights crisis is to be examined for a solution. Our liberation war was for democracy but our politics became entangled with conspiracy of Pakistan military junta and other interested quarters. Our leadership failed and our cause of democracy completely derailed.

There is no political leadership in Bangladesh and as such a big political vacuum exists for the people's voice to be heard. Press freedom is not considered necessary for good governance.

Politicisation of corruption destroyed pressure groups for the people in the country. It would have been better if we did not have the timid human rights NGOs.

The main problem for democracy in our country is outside leftist influence in support of bureaucratic system like they have in communist countries.

Bureaucratic rule in Bangladesh has rendered non-existence of the rule of law or public accountability in public affairs. Bangladesh needs to be saved from the impending chaos of undemocratic and irresponsible governance. Under the present system corruption is embedded in the system. It has to be demolished for peaceful change for the rule of law and human rights to prevail.

Unless our internal crisis is solved we cannot expect that our weakness will not be exploited further by others as of now. Rohingya crisis was created for us knowing the government is weak.

Our people struggled long and hard for democracy only to find themselves lose everything about democracy. The problem is that the government does not know how to accept change peacefully. This country was born for democracy it is dangerous to be complacent about it's denial.

Truth has to be faced and lies discarded if we expect cooperation of the free world.

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