Govt to fix fees of private hospitals

01 March 2021

Staff Reporter  :
Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek has said that the government will fix the treatment cost of private hospitals and clinics in the interests of the common people.
As the private medicals and clinics costs are increasing without valid reasons, the government has right to interfere into the matter.
Besides, the government health care of the country is provided free of cost, said Zahid Malek.
The minister said it while addressing a meeting on "The Private Sector's Involvement in Medical Services" at the Secretariat on Sunday.
He also pointed to the cost of treatment abroad, private medical hospitals and the price of drugs as the reasons behind the rise in treatment expenditure.
Besides, the country's private medical services have indeed made significant contributions to the medical field alongside the government, but the charges of private hospital have been another cause of suffering for the general public.
The minister said that for this reason, the government has taken initiative to fix the fee within reasonable rate considering the standard aspects of the hospital in the case of private medical services in the country.
In a short time, effective steps will be taken in this regard by holding a meeting with the private medical representatives of the country.
Mentioning that private clinics are being set up all over the country every day.
Although some of these clinics provide quality services, most of them cannot provide quality services. Even these clinics do not have minimum quality medical equipments.
All these private clinics that have sprung up like mushrooms across the country will be closed down.
A specific standard service will be settled for private clinic very soon. If that standard is not maintained, all those clinics will be closed," the minister added.
Secretary of the Department of Health was also present at the meeting chaired by the Minister of Health.
Abdul Mannan, Director General of the Department of Health ABM Khurshid Alam, President of Bangladesh Private Medical Association Mubin Khan and representatives of various private medical hospitals were also present in the meeting.

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