Crystal meth enter country through Thailand and Myanmar

05 March 2021

Staff Reporter :
Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) has claimed that highly addictive crystal meth or Ice has entered the country through Thailand and Myanmar.
DNC has recovered a big consignment of highly addictive crystal meth or Ice near a Rohingya camp of Teknaf, known as the traditional gateway of yaba pills into Bangladesh from Myanmar.
A DNC team conducted drive near the 28 no Rohingya camp of Teknaf Upazila and recovered two kg of Ice and arrested a Bangladeshi national - Md Abdullah, 31. They used green-tea packets for smuggling.  
DNC's Director General (DG) Muhammad Ahsanul Jabbar disclosed such information in a press briefing at DNC headquarters in the capital's Segunbagicha on Thursday.
As the Ice has no established market in Bangladesh yet, quoting different journal report, DG Jabbar said that the price of the recovered Ice is around Tk10 crore. Mainly, the higher society people are the users of these Ice.
DNC officials said that it is the biggest Ice consignment in the history of Bangladesh. Earlier, Detective Branch of police recovered 600-gram crystal meth on November 6, last year.
Before this, DNC recovered around 500 grams of Ice on June, 2019.
DNC official said that the highly addictive drug popularly used in Thailand. The consignment, which recovered from Teknaf, first came from Thailand to Myanmar and then entered into Bangladesh.
"We were working on the consignment information for the last six months," he said.
But the DG failed to give any specific idea where it was going and who were the buyers. However, he said that it would be disclosed after ends of further investigation.
A case was filed with Teknaf police station regarding the recovery against Abdullah and his brother Abdur Rahman, who is on the run now.
Asked about the payment, DNC DG said that they yet to get details how the Ice was smuggled into Bangladesh and who are behind it. After the recovery, the DNC send the sample to their laboratory and get confirmation report that it was cent percent methamphetamine.
DG Jabbar said that Ice is hundred times powerful then yaba pills and it can be smoked in pipes, snorted, injected or swallowed.
"We have increased vigilance so that the drug did not able to spread in the country and the syndicate did not able to create any market," he added.

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