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05 March 2021

Reckless Motorbike Driving

Motorbikes have become the most popular mode of transport in the country due to availability in rural areas as well as cheap price in Ride Sharing in urban areas, and in the same time, the expert found a positive link between the growth in numbers of motorbikes and the rise in the number of road accidents.
No doubt, motorbike is such a good vehicle that can be used as an easy way to move anywhere quickly and cheaply, specially in the remote area but most of the cases, the way to driving is reckless, awkward and really out of control and they think that they are the king of the roads. Reckless driving is serious risky not only for the whole journey but also for life. Most of the motorbike drivers don't use helmet at all which is mandatory for own safety as per traffic rules and they also rarely care the road safety and security.
The law enforcement agencies should have to be strict to the motorbike driving so that they are bound to follow the traffic rules in toto. Reckless driver should bear in mind that life is more valuable than quick driving time.

Md. Zillur Rahaman
Gandaria, Dhaka

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