Growers upbeat with better-yielding garlic

06 March 2021

Dinajpur Correspondent :
Farmers in Dinajpur's Khansama upazila have planted a large quantity of garlic this season. Now, there has been a bumper crop of garlic in the region. They are hopeful that they will be able to bring these garlic home in a short time.
Garlic cultivation has increased this year due to good yield and price in previous years. Due to an adequate supply of irrigation fertilizers and favorable weather conditions, the Department of Agriculture is hoping with good yields.
According to the Upazila Agriculture Department, the target for garlic cultivation has been set on 2,600 hectares of land in Khansama upazila this season, but it has been cultivated on about 3,500 hectares of land.
Talking to the garlic farmers of Jugirghopa, Kayempur, Jowar, Kachinia, Agra, Guliyara and Goaldihi villages of the upazila, it was learned that although the price of garlic was not good at the beginning of last season, it has increased lately. For this, they have planted garlic on a large scale this year as well. Garlic seedlings are growing fast due to favorable weather and the availability of necessary irrigation fertilizers.
"The cost of cultivating garlic in each acre of land is around Tk 20,000. The cost of seeds, chemical fertilizers and irrigation is another Tk 30,000. With good yield, 55-60 tons of garlic is available per acre. On average, the price of garlic is Tk 3000 per mound," said garlic farmer Dhiman Das.
Currently, domestic garlic has become one of the major cash crops in Khansama. Due to low cost and high profit, this crop is now being cultivated on a large scale.
Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officers are working at the field level to encourage and assist the farmers in garlic cultivation, said Upazila Agriculture Officer Basudeb Roy.

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