Guard against smuggling of highly addictive drug crystal meth into the country

06 March 2021

THE highly addictive crystal methamphetamine, which affects the central nervous system, has been sneaking into the country regularly through travellers' baggages. The bearer in many cases remain unaware of the nature of the parcel that is collected by members of an organised syndicate at airports. Targeting upscale neighbourhood, the smugglers of crystal meth also called ice provide home delivery to the target customers. Users take crystal meth by smoking, snorting, injecting directly into the body, or taking in the form of tablets. The meth poses high risks of stroke, heart attack, teeth decay, and permanent hallucinations, among other short and long-term health effects.
At least two to three consignments of the drug, each weighing around 0.5kg-1.5kg, have arrived every month over the last three years from Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. Intelligence agencies said smugglers use different techniques such as calling it a "gold-melting chemical" to deceive law enforcers. Syndicate members often succeed to convince expatriates saying that they want to send a gift to their relatives living in Bangladesh and then put the drug alongside gift items like packets of coffee and tea, chocolate boxes or blankets. The drug is also hidden in silica gel packets.
Investigators claim to have gathered information about over 100 users of ice in the country -- the list includes businessmen, private university students, and youngsters from rich families in Dhaka. Scientists said that ice-addicted people may develop hallucination, delusion and even schizophrenia-like symptoms. Symptoms of paranoia are likely to develop among the patients. If an addict takes this drug for a long period, the person might face depression and may behave abnormally. Physical problems like hypertension, stroke, brain haemorrhage and sexual dysfunction may be observed among the patients.
Law enforcers said they have come to know that the persons involved in smuggling crystal meth from Malaysia. Police arrested a number of people and drives are on to arrest others involved in smuggling ice. Law enforcers should bust the network and arrest suspects. We cannot afford to welcome the high addictive in the country, where drugs have already shattered the social fabric and economically ruined many families.

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