Beware of infections for two weeks after vaccination: DGHS

07 March 2021

Staff Reporter :
Directorate General of the Health Services (DGHS) said that no one would remain safe before taking 2nd dose of vaccines from being infected of covid-19.
Several people got infected after vaccinated with covid-19 jabs in recent days.
It has made members of public anxious, but not scared.
DGHS issued a press release on Saturday asking the people to eliminate the anxiety and fear no one would before taking the 2nd dose of the jabs.  
The DGHS said that anyone can be infected with the coronavirus even taking the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine.
It said also that there is nothing to be infected due to vaccinating.
However, no one is also completely safe before two weeks after taking the two shots of the vaccines. It said that the risk to be infected from the virus before completing two weeks after inoculation, because this time is needed to develop antibody in vaccine taker's body.
In these circumstances, the vaccine takers must be aware of and follow health safety measures strictly till the time.
The DGHS asked all vaccinated people to use face mask, follow social distancing rule and wash hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap to be safe from contamination.
Earlier, Secretary of Disaster Management and Relief Ministry Md. Mohsin and a government hospital's Ward Master have been infected with coronavirus respectively 12 and 15 days after administering vaccines.
The Ward Master Sazzad Hossain of Sir Salimullah Medical College and Mitford Hospital said he suffered from fever while tested covid-19 positive 15 days after being vaccinated with coronavirus vaccine.
Relief Secretary was admitted in a city hospital while Ward Master Sazzad has been taken isolation in his house.
BSS adds: A total of 1,00,983 people were administered COVID-19 vaccines across the country on Saturday.
Among the vaccine recipients, 61,354 were male and 39,629 female, according to the data of Management Information System of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).
As of March 06, the number of vaccine receivers is 36,82,152. Among the vaccine receivers, 23,55,423 are male and 13,26,729 female as the countrywide vaccination
campaign was launched on February 7.
People aged 40 years and above now can get registered to receive COVID-19 vaccines, the health ministry sources said.
The vaccination drive was conducted at 50 hospitals in Dhaka city and 1,005 hospitals outside the capital today, the DGHS said, adding that the immunization programme will begin at 8am and it will continue till 2.30 pm every day.
But some hospitals will continue the vaccination programme throughout the day, the health official said.

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