Long queues for TCB commodities in city

26 March 2021

Chattogram Burau :
Huge   consumers of  essential commodities like oil, onion, sugar  beside the mobile truck of Trading corporation at Jamal Khan area in the city waiting in queque since 7 am defyifng the scorching  heat .
The sale started on Wednesday (March 24) at around 11 am when the truck arrived.The TCB dealer said that it was 11 o'clock when the goods were brought from the Bandartila warehouse.
Depending on the availability of the product, the sale will continue till 5 pm. As the demand increased, the trucks became empty many times before that.
Majlish Mia (65) who was standing in line told , I have been standing in line since 7 in the morning.
I have come for TCB oil at low price even though it is difficult due to fear of adulteration in soybean opened in retail shops. If I get sugar, I will also take lentils.
TCB trucks are selling sugar at Tk 50 per kg, soybean oil at Tk 90, lentils at Tk 55 and large Turkish onions at Tk 20.
There are multi-various prices in the retail market. So not only the poor, but also the lower middle class people are forced to stand in line.
Jamal Uddin Ahmed, head of TCB's Chittagong regional office, told  that TCB is selling consumer goods through dealers in 22 trucks in port city  due to increased demand.
Each truck was given 300 kg of onion, 1,000 kg of sugar, 1,000 liters of soybean oil and 650 kg of lentils.

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