Cash withdrawal limit from ATMs raised

14 April 2021

Bangladesh Bank has raised the limits for cash withdrawal from ATMs during the lockdown that starts on Wednesday.
Customers will be allowed to withdraw from ATMs as much as Tk 100,000, the minimum daily limit, from Apr 14 to Apr 21, according to a notice issued by the central bank on Monday.
Bangladesh Bank asked banks and other financial institutions to ensure adequate cash supply, referring to an order by the Cabinet Division. The authorities must ensure that the ATMs are running with enough cash to meet the public demand.
Meanwhile, Bangladesh goes to a complete 7-day lockdown to contain the second wave of coronavirus infection in the country.
The lockdown will be effective from 6:00am on April 14 (Wednesday) till midnight on April 21 (Wednesday). During the lockdown, everything will remain closed, except emergency services, mills and factories, and transportation of goods.
The Cabinet Division has issued directives regarding the all-out lockdown.
About the lockdown, State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain said the field level administration, especially the district and upazila administrations and
law enforcement agencies have been directed to take effective steps to ensure that "everyone abides by the restrictions" given in the directives.
Regarding the operation of factories, State Minister for Labor and Employment Monnujan Sufian said most of the factories could not be seen to ensure transportation for the workers under their own management in the last lockdown. "This time, it is necessary to ensure that the workers are brought and taken from their own organizations to their own transport management. Otherwise, legal action will be taken," she added. Police's 'Movement Pass' to be required for going outside in lockdown.
Police will issue movement passes for emergency movement during the strict lockdown. The pass holders will be able to move freely on the road. However, the pass will be given only to those involved in emergency services.
According to Police Headquarters, the pass will be given in 14 categories including medicine, medical, transportation of agricultural products, jobs. Applications can be made by visiting the website ( after the official inauguration. If the application is reasonable, he/she will get the pass. The duration of a pass will be a few hours.
The applicant has to provide information including his phone number, date of birth, National Identity Card (NID) number and photo. They also have to give the information from which area to area they need to move. After giving all the information, an 'e-Pass' will issue automatically.
At the same time, there will be a QR code scanner - which can be scanned by the police personnel on duty at various checkpoints to easily ensure the movement of the authorized person.
The government will provide food assistance to 1.25 crore poor families of the country. The food list includes 10 kg of rice, 1 kg of pulses, salt, soybean oil and 4 kg of potatoes.

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